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How to prepare your real estate business for a potential market slow

Houston real estate is among the cheapest of all major U.S. cities, providing a great deal for searching buyers. Nov 13

Texas real estate has performed well month over month in 2015.

Sellers: Make your listing more trendy to attract buyers

Fancy, extravagant homes are not as popular as they once were: A new study shows that nature seems to be real estate's new trending theme. Nov 12

Houston's real estate market is starting to feel the effects of a prolonged drop in the price of crude oil this year.

Why overdecorating for the holidays can harm your chances of selling

The Texas real estate market is heating up just in time for the holidays. Oct 29

The Texas market is heating up just in time for winter's chill.

Why you should list your home this fall

Fall 2015 might just be the perfect season to sell your home. Oct 22

Times and real estate trends are changing.