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Real estate tips and trends to ring in the new year

2017 could be your real estate savior. Jan 16

It's time to put all of your New Year's resolutions to good use: If real estate (whether buying or selling) is is one of your goals in 2017, then there's never a better time to hit the ground running than in January.

Wealthy investors expecting tax cuts and higher real estate sales in 2017

Lower taxes could mean more spending in 2017. Dec 28

Uncertainty surrounding what will become of the economy under stewardship of a Donald Trump and a Republican majority in Congress has been rampant since election results were released in early November.

What to consider about commercial real estate in the years ahead

Commercial construction should perform well next year. Dec 23

Commercial real estate has remained stable throughout 2016 and looks to do so in the years to come as well.

Some buyers may be open to adjustable-rate mortgages in 2017

Review the terms of your mortgage closely. Dec 19

ARMs could be advantageous options for savvier buyers and refinancers in 2017.