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Lingering Fed questions still remain

The Fed is likely to raise rates in December. Nov 30

To raise or not to raise interest rates?

What experts say is on the real estate radar in 2017

Real estate is poised for big numbers in 2017. Nov 29

Real estate has traditionally been a solid investment. In fact, financial planners typically correlate real estate holdings with a strong portfolio and overall financial security.

Real estate agents eye Generation Z as future of industry

Generation Z is the future of the real estate industry. Nov 22

When you think of the average household, you typically draw up the image of two parents, 1.5 kids, a pet and a nice yard. But some real estate agents are already moving beyond this traditional idea and targeting their buying and selling strategies toward

What's in store for real estate post-election?

The real estate sector could see more business in 2017. Nov 14

Markets are beginning to price in the reality of a Trump presidency, and for the real estate industry, things preliminarily look promising on many fronts.