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Lack of new construction may be the culprit of declining home sales

Fewer homes are now being constructed. Sep 29

The U.S. real estate market is caught between a confluence of macroeconomic factors being played out locally in several key regions.

Texas real estate sizzles through September

Houston just keeps on growing. Sep 28

Another month of stellar housing figures is par for the course for Texas.

Despite low mortgage rates many still uncertain about homeownership

Younger buyers are hesitant of today's real estate market. Sep 26

It’s a fact of life that every twenty or thirtysomething faces: You want to kick-start your career, family and homeownership dreams, but aren’t sure what should come first.

While other states face housing crises, Texas keeps on humming

Texas continues to perform well on housing metrics. Sep 21

It’s no secret that things are bigger in Texas, including its real estate market. And when juxtaposed with other states, Texas performs well on a number of housing metrics.