June 2011

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Astroworld USA in Houston TexasFor almost 40 years, summer in Houston meant two things: air conditioning and Astroworld.  Our own private Disneyland, the Astroworld theme park was a requisite childhood destination, someplace everybody went at least once and a repeat trip for many.  And like so many Houston landmarks, it was the brainchild of an exceptional person.

That person was Roy Hofheinz, a Rice University-educated lawyer, who served as Harris County judge (thus securing his most enduring title, "Judge Roy") and later as Houston mayor.  After presiding over two contentious terms, during which he was impeached and had four city council members arrested for boycotting a special meeting he'd called, he returned to private law practice and business ventures.

Part of that business

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Houston Homes divided by Divorce

I know! How about you, me, stepdad, dad, stepmom, sibling, half-sibling, step-sibling and the dogs all live together in one big house?

There's probably not a divorced parent out there who hasn't heard their kids ask for something like this.

They're not too far off.

Whether it's financially-driven or a unique take on "staying together for the sake of the children," some reports claim that more and more divorced couples are choosing to live together, yet separately, under one roof.

That certainly gives new meaning to the oft-quoted real estate mantra "location, location, location."

Too close for comfort

Spring resident James Wilson, a 38-year-old divorced father of two kids, ages 9 and 10, is somewhere in the middle. Not too close but not too far,

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Hurricane in Houston TexasHurricanes, Fires and Floods ...OMG!

This stuff happens in Houston, Texas. Get an Insurance Check-up Before an Emergency Hits.

When was the last time you looked at your homeowners’ insurance policy?  Was it, say, around the time you purchased your home?  If so, you’re not alone.  Many homeowners take a “buy it and forget it” attitude when it comes to their insurance, and for good reason - it’s not fun to think about all the calamities that could befall your home. 

But, as the recent outbreak of floods, tornadoes and wildfires across the country reminds us, disasters can strike whether we’re ready or not.  And in the middle of a crisis is not the time to find out whether your policy will fully take care of any damage to your home.

So, below are

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Planting Sod and Landscaping in Houston TexasIt happens... Maybe you forgot to water the yard during last summer's vacation, or your kids have played "buried pirate's treasure" one too many times.  Now you have a major case of Lawn Pattern Baldness, and trying to patch it here and there isn't cutting it anymore.  When it gets to this point, it's very possible you need to bite the bullet...and re-sod your yard.

You can do it - the keys are simply preparing properly, and not cutting corners.

Seeking: The Perfect Grass for Houston, Texas

The first step is choosing the proper grass, which will vary depending on your specific lawn needs and lifestyle.  The top three most often seen in Houston lawns are bermuda, zoysia and St. Augustine.

Bermuda grass is what you often see on playgrounds and athletic

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