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It’s summertime in Houston (or at least it feels like it).  School’s out.  Lawn mowers are humming.  And you’re staring at a stack of boxes, waiting to be filled with your worldly belongings.  Yes, it’s the beginning of summer moving season and if you’re like so many other soon-to-be Houston home owners, you’re doing it with kids in tow.  The good news is: many have braved this path before, lived to tell about it - and learned lessons to share with the rest of us. 

The Logistics 

Let’s say you have two young kids, and it’s time to start packing their rooms.  You imagine them happily joining in, enjoying the fun of wrapping up their toys and seeing how many they can cram into a box.  You’ll have a fun, bonding moment and the kids will feel a sense of

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