The best Houston neighborhoods for young professionals

March 21st, 2017 11:04am
The tide of Houston real estate is always turning, and it's often swayed by the migration of young professionals.

The tide of Houston real estate is always turning, and it's often swayed by the migration of young professionals. The city is currently a hot spot among the under-40 crowd and continues to attract both locals and transplants with its affordability, job opportunities and quality of life. Business Insider pointed out that Houston, whose thriving industries include a mix of world-class hospitals, Fortune 500 companies and oil and gas giants, boasted an enviable cost of living in 2014, greatly surpassing expensive hubs like Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Young professionals are currently scattered throughout the city, but they've certainly congregated in some of the hippest, most interesting districts. Read on to discover just where young Houston professionals are dominating the real estate market.

For young people who don't want to look far for fun, excitement and a bustling city lifestyle, Houston's Midtown neighborhood is a dream come true. Centrally located and brimming with restaurants, bars and other businesses, Midtown is home to much of Houston's younger crowd. NerdWallet noted that because this neighborhood is close to universities and caters to students, it's a great choice for post-grads who are still living on a college budget. Midtown is also very accessible by public transportation, which gives it bonus points among commuters and the growing number of young people who are choosing not to buy cars.

Located just three miles out of Houston's vibrant downtown center, Montrose is another popular spot for young professionals. While it's still quite affordable for renters, Montrose is considered a cultural hub. According to Movoto, it's one of Houston's premier destinations for art galleries, museums and delicious cuisine. Montrose is easy to navigate on foot and quite accessible by public transportation, which means it's a great choice for young people living on budgets or without cars. The source noted that while the neighborhood is ideal for young professionals looking to rent, those hoping to buy may have more luck elsewhere - Montrose homes typically hit the market for upward of $600,000.

True city people know that there's nothing like having a home downtown. It's where the sights, sounds and undeniable energy of urban life are constantly buzzing. The elements that give downtown its unique spark - bars, restaurants, theaters - are often too nightlife-oriented to attract families, which means this area is mainly home to young professionals. Houston's downtown area is dense with businesses and very walkable, making it a perfect choice for workers who want to commute by foot.

Washington Avenue Coalition/Memorial Park
Demographically speaking, the Washington Avenue Coalition/Memorial Park area is the true definition of a young professional neighborhood: Not only do 40 percent of its residents fall between the ages of 20 and 34, it also has an unemployment rate of just 2.99 percent, reported NerdWallet. And when residents of this area aren't climbing the corporate ladder, they're enjoying nature at Memorial Park, a sprawling green space that offers amenities for golf, cycling, croquet, swimming, hiking, tennis and more.

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