3 reasons Houston is the perfect home for pet lovers

March 27th, 2017 5:55am
Pet owners know that finding a city that accommodates their needs, as well as those of their furry friends, can be easier said than done.

Pet owners know that finding a city that accommodates their needs, as well as those of their furry friends, can be easier said than done. Many pet owners are excluded from urban rental markets, as landlords and property managers often have rigid "no animal" policies. Those looking to buy a home are presented with more metropolitan real estate choices but are often deterred by cities' lack of pet-friendly spaces.

Fortunately, there's a thriving city that has plenty to offer to humans and pets alike: Houston.

Here are three reasons why pet owners should be checking out Houston properties:

1.  The Museum District is a pet owner's oasis
Pet lovers seeking like-minded neighbors need look no further than Houston's Museum District. This community, located in the heart of the city, has the most pet-friendly rental units in Houston: A 2015 report from HotPads revealed that 86.2 percent of the community's rental properties were open to four-legged tenants. As an added bonus for pet owners, the Museum District is very walkable.

2. It's the home of the Houston World Series of Dog Shows
Houston's population of pet lovers grows each summer when the city plays host to one of the canine community's most beloved events: The Houston World Series of Dog Shows. This annual show takes place atHouston's NRG Center, and lasts for five fun-filled days. Even if you don't plant to enter your dog, attending this popular event is a great way to meet fellow animal lovers and learn more about Houston's pet community.

3. Dog-friendly bars and restaurants rule the culinary scene
Do you get separation anxiety when you're forced to leave Fido at home? When you're out to dinner, do you wish you could share the experience with your four-legged friend? If you answered "yes," to these questions, then there's no doubt about it: Houston is the home for you. The city is known for its large selection of dog-friendly bars and restaurants, which are open to humans and canines alike.

According to the website Bring Fido, many members of Houston's culinary community, from coffee shops and ice cream parlors to beer gardens and steakhouses, welcome pups into their eateries with open arms. Additionally, the city is preparing for its first cat cafe, which is set to open in the spring of 2017. While visitors won't be able to bring their own cats into this coffee shop, they'll be able to pet and play with a selection of cuddly, adoptable felines as they sip their lattes.

If Houston sounds like the pet-loving paradise you've always desired, don't hesitate to visit and see for yourself. Be sure to bring your furry sidekick along - the city also boasts a number of pet-friendly bed and breakfasts, hotels and inns.

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